Ole Gunnar Solskjaer的第一个联合新闻发布会

OLE GUNNAR SOLSKJAER首次联合新闻发布会哈塞穆里尼奥的解雇这是他对问题的答案的粗略成绩单:








When you get a job like this and they ask you to sign for six months you say yeah, I’m happy to help out and my job is to do as well as I can and they understand there are so many managers who would love to be manager of Manchester United, I’m one of them but it’s not something we’ve talked about, they’ll do a process for the next six months.


I will have an input but the job is to get to know the players, observe them I’ve seen more or less every game from Norway but to get to know the players, what do I think I can improve them on and the club have got the recruitment and scouting, they’ve got their targets but I’ve not sat down and talked about that.




It’s Michael and Kieran that’s been here for the whole season, they’ve had their say and input but there are so many game over the next 10 or 15 games, it’s about picking a team that is going to get results but every player needs to know they’re going to get their chance, Kieran and Michael have been great, it’s great being back home and seeing the development, Michael, as good a coach and man manager as he is.


I think first thing is first game, think about getting my principles into the boys, get the players to understand how I want them to play and let’s take the results later on see how many points we can gather but this club has made many many points before but I’m not going to set that target now.


Of course it is, I’ve been here as a player, 11 years, coach three and a half years, best part 15 years of my life, it’s a third of my life, I’m getting old but it’s one of them that’s life, that was the same when I signed as a player, Nicky Butt the first lad I meet, says hi to me, you’re excited. It feels like home.


My job is to help the players, make them grasp the opportunity, they all wanna be part of Manchester United, I’m here to help them, help the team, down to man management, I had the best manager as a player and coach to deal with players and it’s about communication, I’ll sit down and speak to the ones not playing.



He’s influenced me with everything to be fair, the way he’s dealt with people the way he was manager of the club, how he kept 25 international players happy and hungry wanting to improve but also the staff in and around the place, he’s been my mentor but I didn’t understand early on he’d be my mentor.



Definitely, but I’ve had, about 300 or 400 games as first team manager now and that period in Cardiff was a huge step for me and I’ve evaluated, reflected, made a few mistakes but if you don’t make mistakes you’re not gonna learn, I made a few of them, but they’re in the Premier League now.


It’s about getting very player to the best, speaking to them, training ground, philosophy, principles, how we wanna play, it doesn’t matter what team you’re coaching they all want to have a picture of how you want to play, quality players so it will be easier to get players expressing themselves.